9 Reasons to visit The Taj Mahotsav in Agra during February

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-13,15:54:02 news

The Taj Mahotsav

The Taj Mahotsav, a ten-day cultural celebration honouring the rich cultural legacy of the city, is held every year in Agra, India.

Venue of Taj Mahotsav

Every year the festival takes place in February and is organized at the Shilpgram complex nearby Taj Mahal.

What to expect?

The Taj Mahotsav highlights India’s diverse culture through classical and folk dance performances, music concerts, and craft exhibitions.

Handicrafts mela

Recognised for its world class handicrafts, artisans from all over India participate in the festival and exhibit their skills in weaving, pottery, wood carving among other crafts.

Mouth Watering cuisines

Visit Taj Mahotsav to take in the region's varied culture and rich history, including cuisine, music, and dance from all across the nation.

Tourists attraction

The festival offers visitors a chance to engage with regional artists and craftsmen while also giving a chance to explore and experiment.

Thrilling rides

Numerous additional events, such as contests, games, and street performances, are part of the festival. Additionally, kids can enjoy some incredible rides.

A boost to ‘Make in India’

The festival offers a crucial forum for the promotion and preservation of traditional arts and crafts, which are gradually fading in the face of modernisation and globalization.’

Promotes Indie music

The festival invites some of the amazing indie artists from around the country giving a major boost to the country’s solo artists.

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