Allu Arjun Fitness and Diet Routine

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Workout and Diet

Allu Arjun shed his extra kilos and fats in Gym and prefers both physical and mental regime.

Runs For 45 Minutes On An Empty Stomach

Exercises Seven Times A Week

Calisthenics is one of my favorite exercise regimes.

He Goes on 30 minutes of jogging and cycling every day.

He also focuses on power workout training.


Take a high protein diet that includes mostly eggs.


His lunch meal mainly includes grilled chicken, green vegetables and fruit shake.


Keeping a low and fiber rich diet, he eats green beans, corn, brown rice and salads.

Love for Chocolates

While Allu prefers a full diet and intense workout, he does follow his love at the end of the day with a bar of chocolate.


Secret to his fitness? Well his main key is discipline.

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