How to celebrate Slap Day

WRITTEN BY Sumit Kumar2023-02-14,17:41:21

Slap Day - 15 Feb

The anti-valentine week begins with Slap Day every year on Feb 15. Although it is unknown where Slap day first originated, but it has gained popularity in recent years through social media.


Don't hurt others

It is a lighthearted day, it shouldn't be taken seriously or used as justification for hurting other people.


Social Media

Slap Day is often observed with humorous memes and jokes on social media.


Control Your anger

It is also a day for people to reflect on their relationships and make positive changes, rather than simply lashing out in anger.

Humorous message

Some people may choose to celebrate Slap Day by giving a playful slap to a friend or loved one, or by sending a humorous message.

Non-violent communication

It is important to remember that Slap Day should not be used as a means of expressing aggressive or violent behavior, as it goes against the principles of nonviolent communication.

Resolving conflicts

On this day, people should focus on resolving conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner, and avoiding actions that may cause harm to others.


Don't take too seriously

Overall, Slap Day is a lighthearted holiday that should not be taken too seriously, and is meant to be celebrated in a fun and harmless manner.