Secret of Arjun Kapoor Killer Body Transformation

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The Big Transformation

Arjun Kapoor recently shared images of his physical transformation on social media.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Fat to Fit

Arjun has struggled with obesity before and Lockdown in Pandemic again made him gain some pounds. But in 2022 he has finally reached his goal.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Year of Sweat and Dedication

Arjun started his goal in February 2021 and has finally reached his desired Goal in 2022

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Everything Takes Time

“Must admit that it was very tough to stay on course, it still is, but I’m loving the state of mind that I’m in for these past 15 months.” He said in his post.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Breakfast at 10 am

Arjun loves egg mush which has 290kcal energy, 22g protein, 12g fat, 25g carbohydrate and 4.5g fiber.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Gym at 10.30 am and in evening

1hr 30 Mins Gym including skipping, weight lifting, pushups, planks and treadmill running. In Evening for 2 hours between 6-8 pm and do low-intensity exercises such as treadmill walk and leg press.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Lunch at 1.30 pm

Prefers Greek Souvlaki Wrap which has 388kcal energy, 43g protein, 15g fat, 34g carbohydrates and 12g fiber.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

Evening Snack

He loves Turkey Sushi which includes 19kcal energy, 39g protein, 10g fat, 11g carbohydrate, 7g fiber.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram


Take Turkish kebabs with muhammara sauce, mint chutney and pickled vegetables that have 388kcal energy, 22g protein, 10g fat, 3g carbohydrates and 7g fiber in his plate.

Arjun Kapoor Instagram

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