Masoom Minawala Beauty and Skincare Tips

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Good News

Masoom recently revealed on social media that she is six months pregnant with a cute video featuring her family and friends.

Global Influencer

Masoom Minawala became a global name as she graced the 75th edition of the Cannes Film festival. She also became an influencer as she shares quick and easy fashion hacks and beauty tips.

The Routine she religiously follow

She just drinks a lot of water and ensures that she is getting as much sleep as possible.

Stick to the basics

Toner, moisturiser, and cleanser that have been tried and tested by yourself will protect and hydrate your skin, which is all it needs to look its best.

Stay away from experiment

To avoid any reaction and side effects, don't try anything new too close to your special days.


Remember that clear and soft skin does not appear overnight; it takes time and effort.

Go all Natural

Incorporate natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin type into your skincare routine.

Superfood from Kitchen

She is a big fan of using common kitchen ingredients like aloe vera and turmeric as superfoods.

Her Special DIY

A natural cleanser made from cold milk and a pinch of lemon is a great example.

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