Best Chinese historical dramas in 2022

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Ms. Cupid In Love

Genre: Historical, romance, wuxia (martial heroes), fantasy, comedy Episodes: 24, Available on: Viki, Youku

Ms. Cupid In Love- Story

It tells the story of the god Bai Yan, who was exiled to Earth for a long time after accidentally disrupting the world's marriage.

The Autumn Ballad

Cast: Jeremy Tsui, Qiao Xin, Lin Rui Lin, Kabby Hui, Genre: Historical, romance, mystery Episodes: 34,Available on: WeTV

The Autumn Ballad Story

The story of Qiu Yan, a witty young girl, and Liang Yi, a cold-faced duke, who go from battling each other with wits and boldness to understanding and accompanying each other.

Sassy Beauty

Cast: Snow Kong, Yan Zi Dong, Genre: Historical, romance, comedy, fantasy, Episodes: 24, Available on: iQiyi

Sassy Beauty Story

Si Yan a well-known beauty blogger enters a VR system of an ancient Chinese-style beauty game by accident. In the game, the proud rich girl is demoted to the position of low-level dressing maid.

Oh My Lord

Cast: Ji Mei Han, Luo Zheng, Genre: Historical, romance, comedy, Episodes: 15, Available on: iQiyi

Oh My Lord Story

It tells the story of Chen You You, a bright and cheerful girl who was forced to marry the unpredictable Lord QianSui, Bai Li.

Royal Feast

Cast: Xu Kai, Wu Jin Yan, Wang Yi Zhe, Genre: Historical, food, romance, Episodes: 40, Available on: WeTV, Mango TV.

Royal Feast Story

It tells the story of a young girl named Yao Zijin, who entered the palace to become a maid of the food bureau during the reign of Yongle Emperor during the Ming dynasty.

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