Best Drop Locations in BGMI

Hot Drop, Safe Landing, Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok In Battlegrounds Mobile India.

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati

Pochinki (Erangle)

Pochinki is the center of Erangle and the hottest drop location in Erangle. Killing all the enemy squads and conquering the Pochinki is a feat in itself for the BGMI players.

Military Base (Erangle)

Based on the southern island of the map, Military base provides a lot of places like C-building, tower, office and observatory with good loot to begin with.

Georgopol (Erangle)

Georgopol was one of the most famous drop locations of Team SouL and it is one of the looting spots and the containers make it a great place to engage in fights.

Novorepnoye (Erangle)

Novorepnoye has the container-like structure like Georgopol along with a good number of houses. It’s located near Military Base on the southern island and contains a great amount of loot.

Pecado (Miramar)

Pecado is the center of the map and a huge amount of squads drops to the location to achieve the feat of conquering Pecado.

San Martin (Miramar)

Located beside Hacienda Del Patron and Pecado, San Martin is one of the most popular landing spots with a decent amount of loot. It’s nearly impossible to get the location without any enemy squad.

Chummacera (Miramar)

Chummacera contains a good amount of loot and is known for the being the drop location of famous esports teams like Fnatic and Galaxy Racers.

Bootcamp (Sanhok)

Bootcamp is the hottest drop location not only in Sanhok map, but in all the maps. A minimum of 5-6 squads drops on the location due to huge amounts of loot and to improve close range fights.

Paradise Resort (Sanhok)

Paradise Resort is spread over a big area and has a lot of rooms for great fights as well as ample amount of loot for 4-5 squads.

Ruins (Sanhok)

After Bootcamp, Ruins has a great amount of loot in sanhok and a lot of squads drops on the location to take up the loot.