Valentine's Day movies for singles

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500 days of summer

The cult classic about not all perfect relationships have a fairy tale ending. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel, it is a drama about a failed relationship with the perfect companion.


How to be single

Alice relocates to New York and meets Robin. By living a single life, they go in pursuit of alternative views about love and relationships.


Under the Tuscan sun

After learning that her husband has been cheating on her, Frances decides to take a vacation to Tuscany to deal with post divorce depression and finds up rediscovering her life & lost confidence.


Forgetting Sharah Marshall

Peter decided to take a Hawaiian vacation after his break-up with Sarah. He gets shocked when he discovers that Sarah has checked into the same resort as him.

Get out

This is a total anti- Valentine's gift for singles to remind them that it's ok to not get too deep in a relation every so often. After visiting his gf's house, the lead undergoes a traumatic end


Gone girl

One of the most talked film. The film uncovers how not only males are mostly weak in a relationship, but also how females may cause troubles, so it's an equatable critique of humans.


The first wives club

This entertaining and powerful comedy follows three divorced ladies as they seek vengeance on spouses who abandoned them for younger women.


Four more shots

An Indian web series revolving around 4 young & successful women who constantly deals with failed relationships, disturbed marriages, career priority & at the same time enjoying own life.


Friends with benefits

When two friends tries to level up their friendships with no string attached concept, they soon discover it’s not that easy as it seemed to be.


Someone great

Someone Great is a touching comedy about female friendship. After her long-term lover dumps her, a music writer enlists the help of her two best friends for one last crazy adventure.


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