BGMS : Top 10 Players by MVP Ranking

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

GodLike’s Jonathan

Jonathan added BGMS to his long MVP list with 37 finishes, 8163 total damage and an average survival time of 19:40 minutes.

SouL’s Goblin

GobLin secured 2nd position in MVP list with the highest number of finishes i.e. 38, 6863 damage and 17:30 average survival time.

Orangutan’s AKOP

AkOP finished in 3rd in MVP rankings with 31 finishes, a total of 6703 damage and an average survival time of 20:54 minutes.

Team Enigma Forever’s 420OP

420OP once again showcased his worth with 28 finishes, 5899 of total damage and 20:56 minutes of average survival time.

Global Esports’ Nakul

Nakul’s 32 finishes, 5481 damage and 17:51 minutes of average survival time played an important role in Global Esports winning BGMS.

Team Enigma Forever’s DaljitSK

The Sniper King secured 28 finishes, 5076 total damage and an average survival time of 20:06 minutes to secure 6th position in MVP ranking.

Enigma’s Rexx

Rexx dominated the BGMS week 3 and secured 7th position in MVP rankings with 25 finishes, 5361 damage, 19:12 minutes average survival.

SkyLightz Gaming’s GamlaBoy

GamlaBoy with consistent performance secured 8th rank in MVP list with 24 finishes, 5016 total damage and 20:20 minutes of survival time.

TeamXO’s Fierce

Fierce performed really well with 24 finishes, 5541 of total damage and 17:49 minutes of average survival to secure 9th position in MVP ranking.

GodLike’s ShadowOG

ShadowOG is the only IGL in the top 10 MVP rankings with 29 finishes, 4506 of total damage and 19:19 minutes of average survival time.

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