Bigg Boss 16 top 8 strongest contestants of the house right now

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Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16 is still in it’s inaugural month and seems like a lot has already happened. Going as per the trends let’s introduce you to the top 8 contestants of the house.

Abdu Rozik

The 19 years old from Tajikistan Abdu has undoubtedly won over the internet with his cuteness, viewers are willing to make sure to watch him till the grand finale.

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhry

People adore Priyanka Chaudhary's game and the fact that she has strong opinions makes the Udariyaan actress even more stronger.

Sumbul Touqeer

Up next is our Imli who is currently the most compatible in the house, the actress has already amassed a great fan following on social media.

Gautam vig

The charmer of the house Gautam Vig is leaving no stones unturned from making the public go gaga over his prompt and strong decision making capabilities.

MC Stan

Indian Hip Hop artist Altaf Shaikh also known as MC Stan is yet another favorite in the house right now with growing popularity.

Soundarya Sharma

The hottie of the house Soundarya and her strategies are definitely a game changer and it’s a thumbs up from the public.

Shalin Bhanot

Shalin Bhanot is emerging as a more competitive contestant due to his passion and endearing attitude.

Tina Datta

Being associated as the color’s face for a very long time, Tina already has an upper hand in terms of fan following which is only getting stronger with time.

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