Biggest Attractions of Republic Day Parade 2023

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Tornado Bikers

One of the most exciting part of parade is when many military personnel shows their awesome balancing skills on a bike and perform manoeuvres to entertain people.

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Fighter Planes

Rafale fighter aircrafts will participate in the fly-past over the Kartvyapath during Republic Day parade

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Many states showcase their culture and traditions through beautifully decorated tableaus on 26th January.


National Bravery Awards for Children

India's braveheart children are duly commemorated for their gallantry.

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BSF Camel Contingent

BSF soldiers ride extravagantly decorated camels. It is the only force in the country to use camels for both operational and ceremonial duties.

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March by Indian Soldiers

From Indian Army to Indian Navy, the marching contingent of soldiers shows the strength of India's military as well as their valour.

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Parade with Military Vehicles

India's pride is enhanced when the military personnel parade with Military Vehicles, displaying advancement of New India.


NSG Commandos Parade

Shoulder to shoulder march-past by NSG commandos mesmerises everyone. NSG commandos sweat for at least 5 hours to give a flawless marching past.

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School Children Performance

School kids perform wonderful dancing performances, from traditional dance forms to contemporary.

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