Bihu Festival of Assam- From History to Celebration

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar 2023-04-13,14:05:33 news

Bohag Bihu 2023

From April 14 to April 16, Bohag Bihu will be observed this year in India.

Bihu Festival

During harvest season, Assam celebrates its national festival, 'Bihu.' Bihu means 'to pray for blessings and prosperity.'


History of Bihu begins in 3500 BC, when humans made fire sacrifices to enhance their harvest. History states that the first Bihu dance was performed in 1694.

Types Of Bihu

Bohaag- celebrated in Baisakh (mid of April), Kati Bihu- brings the celebration of the harvest season, Magh Bihu- It brings the end of the harvest season.

Importance Of Bihu

Bihu signifies a new year, culmination of paddock sowing and transplanting, end of the harvesting season etc.

Bihu Dance

Bihu dance has become extremely popular in various regions of the globe

Bihu tradition

People rise early on Bohag Bihu to apply a paste made of turmeric and urad daal to eliminate negativity.

Bihu Celebration

Farmers pray for a successful harvest in the upcoming year and give thanks to God for a successful harvest in the previous year.

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