BR Ambedkar Tallest 125 ft Statue Unveiled in India- A GUIDE

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar 2023-04-15,14:10:28 news

Ambedkar's Birth Annievrsary

Nationa observed Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar birth anniversary on 14 April, to commemorate the same a 125ft statue is built in Hyderabad.

Cost of the Statue

The statue was build at a cost of ₹ 146.50 crore.

How the statue is built?

The statue was built using 360 tonnes of stainless steel and 114 tonnes of bronze.

Tallest Statue of Ambedkar

It is located beside the Telangana Martyrs memorial, will inspire people every day and motivate the entire State administration.

Who built the statue?

The statue was designed by renowned sculptors, Ram Vanji Sutar (98) and his son Anil Ram Sutar (65) of Ram Sutar Art Creations in Noida, UP.

How can the Tourists Visit?

There are two lifts for visitors reaching the top of the pedestal to reach the feet of Ambedkar.

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