K-Pop Groups and their own K-Dramas or Movies.

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BTS – “What If There Was An Eye Candy BTS High School?”

You just can't miss this BTS debut as they bring our fantasies of highschool on screen. Watch BTS members as the school nurse, the class president, or the English teacher, in this virtual school.

GOT7 – “Dream Knight”

Brings the story of a young girl who mends her suffering by summoning a group of boys (GOT7) into her life.

Stray Kids – “What If You Are a JYP Entertainment’s Trainee?”

Discover the various aspects of a trainee’s life with Stray Kids.

Super Junior – “Attack on the Pin-up Boys”

The 81-minutes movie brings the goofiest and funniest spirits of Super Junior and a high school story.

ASTRO – “To Be Continued”

Go back in time with ASTRO when they were yet to do their debut and were facing life challenges.

EXO – “EXO Next Door”

Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun bring a fictional love triangle as boys shift into a new home.

TREASURE – “Mysterious Class”

Treasure becomes a student and solves the mystery of ghosts before something eerie befalls the class.

LOONA – “First Love Story”

Drama follows LOONA 1/3 and LOONA Odd Eye Circle and brings campus romance of college.

ONF – “Can I Step In?”

This drama is about six housemates, five men and a woman who live together and adapt to new situations.

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