Celebrating BTS friendship with tattoo -7

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Jungkook's new ink

BTS's maknae Jungkook has gotten himself another new tattoo and Army is in awe with the Band's Bond and Friendship.

V got it too

Even World’s Most Handsome man Kim Taehyung got himself inked with number 7. But with a Marker.

J-Hope Joined

Earlier J-Hope also got himself inked and shared on his social media with a caption ‘Yet to come’

Jimin got it on his finger

Army also believes that they spotted Jimin’s new tattoo ‘7’ during

The Piller

Well Band’s leader RM was the first one who got himself the Tattoo of number 7 dedicated to the band and their Bond.

Waiting for Suga and Jin

While the revelation of matching tattoos came as a big surprise for the BTS Army, now everyone is waiting for Suga and Jin to reveal their son.

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