BTS’s Favorite Anime Series

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news


The BTS boys are all fans of the anime Naruto, and they even chose to sing the anime's theme song during karaoke.


One Piece

Jimin is such a fan of One Piece that he was moved to tears when he received a Roronoa Zoro action figure for his birthday!

My Hero Academia

While preparing for their shows, V enjoys watching anime. He's a picture of him intently watching My Hero Academia.

Slam Dunk

The anime had a significant impact on Suga childhood: his stage name is derived from the first syllables of the term shooting guard- the position he played in high school basketball.


Jungkook's love for anime shines through even when he lacks a large device to watch it on! He enjoys it so much that he is content to watch Haikyuu!! on his phone.

Spirited Away

Jungkook's first dream as a child was to become an anime character, specifically one who could transform into a dragon. Honestly, I agree.

Attack on Titan

The hit anime Attack on Titan inspired one of BTS's songs, Attack on Bangtan.

Crayon Shin-chan

Hoseok may not be as devoted to anime as the others, but he does recommend Crayon Shin-chan to ARMYs.

Dragon Ball

Jin and Suga demonstrate their devotion to Dragon Ball by performing the "fusion" pose in the show.

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