Budget 2023: List of what’s Cheaper & what became expensive post Budget

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2023-02-01,13:14:25 news

Budget 2023

Focusing on fostering employment and economic expansion, Budget 2023 made it to the parliament addressed by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Common used items

One of the major highlights of the budget is that the commonly used things such as Kitchen Chimney will become expensive as custom duty increases from 7.5% to 15%.

Seeds to become cheaper

Budget 2023 states that the Govt. has decided to reduce the basic custom duty on seeds especially those grown for manufacturing lab grown diamonds.

Boosting shrimp industry

The govt. Has decided to slack import duties on Shrimp broodstock and feed thus aid the aquaculture farmers by cutting the cost of production.

Copper scrap

The government announced a 5% to 2.5% cut in import taxes on copper scrap in the previous budget session, which will remain the same in Budget 2023 as well.

Residential area

The government wants to limit deductions from capital gains on investments in residential homes to a maximum of 10 crore.

Cigarettes to become expensive

Smoking is going to cost a lot as Custom Duty on Cigarettes has reportedly been increased.

Other than textiles and agriculture

As per the finance minister the basic custom duty will see minor changes in goods such as toys, automobiles etc other than textile and agriculture.

Compounded rubber

Compound rubber now carries a basic import charge of 25%, up from 10%.

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