Commonwealth Games: What is Lawn Bowls & How it is Played?

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Historic Victory for India in Lawn Bowls

After defeating New Zealand 16-13 in the women's fours semifinal, India secured the first lawn bowls medal in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

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What is Lawn Bowls?

A ball (known as a bowl) is rolled toward a smaller stationary ball, known as a ‘jack,’. It is also also known as lawn bowling.

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How to play Lawn Bowls?

The central aim of lawn bowling is to roll your bowl so that it rests next to a smaller ball, called the ‘jack’ or ‘kitty.’ The bowls had to be rolled on the ground while being held at a distance.

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Sport is played on which lawn?

The sport is generally played on a flat lawn, about 40–42 yards (37–38 metres).


Names of the Bowls?

The bowls are also known as ‘woods,’ because they were made of wood but now composite plastic is used, which extends their lifespan.

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How teams have to Throw ball?

To finish the match, the teams must throw the bowls from 18 ends in a circular motion. After 18 throws, the team with the most points wins the match.


What are the different formats of lawn bowls?

There are four Lawn Bowls formats: singles, pairs, triples, and fours. Each format has a name based on how many players are on each team.


What are the rules of lawn bowls?

With a toss, the game begins. The team who won the coin toss takes the first turn while the losing team rolls the jack in the other direction.

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How are points awarded in Lawn Bowls?

For instance, team A will score two points for the end if it sets two bowls closer to jack than team B's closest bowls.


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