Creepy psychological facts

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava news

Shivering for no reason?

They say when you shiver for no reason, that means a spirit is passing near or through you

Black cat

Some believe that if a black cat stare at you then run as it indicates something bad is going to happen to you

The phone

It’s true that your phone is 24*7 recording what you say even if it is not being used

Handwriting matters

Every year, about 7000 individuals die as a result of a doctor's poor handwriting.

Sudden arrhythmic death

Syndrome disorder in which a seemingly healthy person dies suddenly without obvious cause.

Humans shed skin

According to the WHO the average person will shed roughly 112 pounds of skin in their lifetime.

The banned trailer

People fled out of the room when the trailer for The Exorcist was shown in theatres because it was so terrifying. It was later banned by the makers


⅛ people are stalked everyday without realizing it