Disha Patani Fitness and Diet

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Disha Patani Workout Regime

Disha Patani’s fitness routine includes dancing, pilates, swimming, weight training, and yoga.

Workout Throughout the Day

She starts her day with cardio exercises such as dancing, kickboxing, and gymnastics and works out with weights in the evening.

Hates Monotonous Regime

Disha dislikes monotonous workouts, she always tries to incorporate a variety of workout regimens.

Love For Dance

She loves dancing and even discovered a new dance form, 'Square dancing,' while working in Kung Fu Yoga with Jackie Chan. It had a calming, fun, and fitness effect on her.

Strict Diet

Disha adheres to a strict diet that includes a limited amount of each nutrient in the proper quantity. Her meal consists of carbs and protein, primarily rice and chicken.

Healthy Bowl

Her breakfast consists of 2-3 eggs, milk, and juice. Some days, however, she prefers cereal and milk.

Change in Dinner

In contrast, the dinner includes a protein-rich meal, such as a bowl of eggs.

Cheat Day

Disha Patani has a sweet tooth. She enjoys desserts, but only once a week. That takes a lot of self-control and dedication. In fact, she believes that this is what keeps her motivated as well.

Hydration and Sleep is the Key

Disha stays hydrated and gets at least 8 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy.

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