Diwali 2022: 10 Unknown Interesting facts about Diwali

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Different Gods worshipped

In the Bengal region, during Diwali, people worship Goddess Kali, who wards off evil forces. And Nepal celebrates Lord Krishna's victory over the evil king Narakasura.


Diwali celebrated by different religions

Diwali is an important religious event that originated in India. People often mistake Diwali for a Hindu festival, but Sikhs and Jains also celebrate it.


Hindu New Year

Diwali is held annually and lasts five days and marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The exact date changes each year and is determined by the position of the moon.


Biggest Diwali celebration outside India

The city of Leicester in the UK hosts the biggest Diwali festival outside of India. Tens of thousands of people flock to the streets to enjoy the vibrant lights, music and dance shows.

Leicester Mercury

National Holiday in many countries

Diwali, celebrated by people of Indian descent all over the world, is also celebrated in Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, and many other countries that are important to Indians living abroad.


Biggest Firework factory

Sivakashi in southern Tamil Nadu is famous as the factory for fireworks and matches in all of India. The city accounted for more than 90% of his fireworks sales in the country.

No fights on the borders

India and Pakistan borders on Diwali each year meet and greet each other, and distribute sweets across the border.

Golden Temple foundation laid

The foundation of the famous Golden Temple was laid on Diwali day.


Meaning of Diwali

The word Diwali, or as it is sometimes called Deepavali, means "ray of light" in the ancient Indian language called Sanskrit.


One of the oldest festival

The first Diwali festival was celebrated about 2,500 years ago. People observe the festival with the lighting of clay lamps, exchanging sweets and pujas of Goddess Lakshmi.


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