Inspiring eSports Movies/Series and Documentaries

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Released in 2012, it's a comedy directed by Blake Freeman. Freeman is also the lead in the film. Story of three friends who compete in the Cyberbowl Video Game Championship.

Free to Play: The Movie

Documentary about Three professional video game players overcome adversity, family pressures, and other difficulties to compete in a tournament with a million-dollar prize.


Released in 2021, and directed by Steve Hwang. A Documentary about Mike Ross and a Street Fighter esports tournament.

Falling Into Your Smile

It's a Chinese drama that follows a unique love story between two Onmyoji Arena star players. About a Female gamer who enters a big team and proves herself.

King’s Avatar

Starring Yang Yang, it's a story of the rise of esports in China with an MMORPG called

The Celebrity Millionaires Competitive Gaming

It's a documentary about League of Legends. Produced by Vice, it unfurls the popularity of League of Legends in South Korea.

Rise of Esports Hero

eSports documentary around the North American team named Evil Genius. Directed by Stephan Gillis and Erica Landrock, the documentary also flashes the life of Evil Genius players.

7 Days Out

A Netflix documentary which takes you to the seven days into various programmes including the

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