EXPLAINED: Why Nation is Protesting Against Agnipath Scheme?

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Agnipath Scheme 2022

The Government introduced the new recruitment initiative for the armed forces earlier this week called Agnipath Scheme 2022.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Youths between the ages of 17-and-a-half and 21(later changed to 23) would be inducted for a 4 year tenure while 25% of the recruits will be retained for regular service.

Nation Starts to Protest

After its introduction, people came out on railway stations & roads to protest against the 'Agnipath' recruitment scheme, reported from UP, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh,Telangana etc

Why India Protests?

Youngsters say they want to work for 15 years under the current system to ensure higher salaries and promotion with pension benefits.

The Statesman

No Guarantee of Employment

Protestors also feels that there will be no employment guarantee after completing four years of training, only skill training.

No Provison of Pension

While the recruited Agniveers would be given a lump amount of Rs 11.5 lakh after four years of service, they will not be eligible for any pension or gratuity.

India Today

Army Veterans Slammed the Scheme

Some military veterans have also criticised it, claiming that it will have a negative influence on the functioning of military.


Protesters Also Want Reservation

Some demanded to give 'Agniveers' 20-30%reservation in other jobs once they are out of service after 4 years under the 'Agnipath' scheme, IANS reported.

Many Trains Cancelled & Delayed

300 train services have been impacted and over 200 have been cancelled amid violent Agnipath protests.

TV9 Hindi

Property Destroyed

Violent protests in Bihar have resulted in the destruction of property worth Rs 200 crore and the total destruction of 50 coaches and 5 engines.

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