Samantha Ruth Prabhu amazing weight loss journey

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu weight loss journey

South Indian actress Samantha is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, the actress is soon to be the cast of Citadel Indian version for which she have achieved an Ideal body type

Samantha Ruth Prabhu weight loss

However Samantha was never this lean and had chieseld figure, the actress achieved is through her hard work & dedication, and here is how she managed to lose weight & belly fat

Samantha Ruth Prabhu weight loss secret

Juggling in between High intensity workout to Yoga, mediation and full body workout the actress is one of the biggest gym freaks in the industry

No equipment workout

Samantha is one of few actors who opts for no equipment workout when shooting outdoor, she once shared her video doing kneeling jump squat

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is the best exercise for balancing. Yoga positions that resist gravity may appear difficult once you get trained its the best thing you will see

When Samantha converted to veganism

Samantha has long converted into veganism, the actress has opted for a healthy lifestyle and tries to indulge in veggies as much as she can

Vegan food options

Samantha’s vegan food options include freshly picked plant based diet, salads, nuts, berries, sweet pongal, idli sambar etc

Hydration is the key

Samantha and her love for liquid diet ranges from coconut water to detox juices, fruit smoothies etc. She also ensure to drink as much water as she can

A big no to sugar

Samantha says a big no to sugar and processed food. She likes including millets and more grains in her diet

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