Favourite Cheat Meals of Virat Kohli

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Virat Kohli Follows a Stringent Diet Plan and Exercising

Kohli's regime screams pure fitness goals, from a balanced diet to cardio workouts he maintains strict discipline for his fitness. But sometimes he indulges in cheat meals to soothe his cravings....

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Starting from Chole Bature

You'll be relieved to know that cheat lunches aren't just for us; even Virat Kohli enjoys deviating from his healthy eating and treating himself with Delhi-style Chhole Bhaturas!!

Butter Chicken

The cricketer is a fit athlete who eats a gluten-free, low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet but sometimes devours the heavenly delicacy and signature dish of Delhi Butter Chicken.

Mushroom googly dumplings

Virat Kohli has opened a restaurant called One8Commune in New Delhi's Aerocity, and he's included some of his favourite recipes on the menu. The mushroom googly dumplings are one of them.

Paneer Patty with sauce

Kohli once said that Paneer Patty as an evening snack with hot and sweet sauce is one of his favourite cheat meal.

Rajma Chawal (Homemade)

Because he is a true Punjabi, Virat Kohli enjoys rajma chawal. Especially if it was made by his mother. During his tour, he stated in a statement that he missed his mother's homemade food.

Dal Makhni and Paneer with Garlic Naan

Virat Kohli loves Proper Punjabi food Dal Makhni, paneer with Garlic Naan.

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