Follow this Workout routine to get a fit body like Virat Kohli

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2023-03-30,11:54:22 news

Virat Kohli

Virat has now established himself as the industry standard for athletic prowess. He is arguably one of the most famous Indian cricket captains, both for his performance and fitness


Virat Kohli training

Virat Kohli works out for five days straight, taking two days off in between. The captain concentrates on increasing his muscle bulk while also bolstering his back, legs, and core


Virat Kohli Cardio

Virat Kohli’s cardio involves running for 20 minutes at 15 km/hour


Virat Kohli Diet

Virat prefers good protein intake for muscle building. Virat Kohli's diet plan also includes the consumption of vegetables. This helps him attain the required portion of vitamins and minerals


Virat Kohli breakfast

For breakfast, Virat likes to have a side of eggs, black pepper, and a veggie. Before he turned vegetarian, he also liked having healthy chicken and salmon to add nutrients


Virat Kohli Lunch

For lunch, there is chicken with spinach. He also loves having nut butter, vegetable broths, smoothies, soya, and protein shakes


Virat Kohli Dinner

For dinner, he prefers soup, salad, or stir-fried vegetables. He drinks plenty of water throughout the day and claims that it also enables him to avoid minor diseases and illnesses


Virat Kohli Supplements

Virat Kohli’s supplements stack includes Vegan protein powder and Multivitamins. It helps his body with essential amino acids that enable his muscles to recuperate and grow


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