Indians in Forbes 30 under 30 list 2022

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava news

Neetu Yadav, Kirti Jangra/ Rahul Jain

Neetu & Kirti’s Animall is an Indian company that connects cattle buyers and sellers. Rahul is the brand and creative strategist of Sideways Consulting.


Viraj Mithani/ Gokul Sriniwas

Viraj Mithani is an artist and instructor working in the field of contemporary art. Gokul Sriniwas founder and ceo of Minion labs


Rajan Bajaj/Somway and Somyak jain

Founder and CEO of slice while the Jain brothers are the two founders of Instadapp.

Manushi Ashok Jain/ Khyati Trehan

Sponge Collaborative- Architect and Urban designer, Khyati is the Graphic designer & visual artist


Shlokh Shrivastava/ Dr. Trinetra Haldar

Shlok- Content creator & entrepreneur, Trinetra-Doctor and content creator


Akshay Verma,Aditya & Anuj Ruia’Rashid Khan

The trio founded Chemical free and sustainable alternative-Beco, Mr. Khan is the co-founder of Yellow Ai.


Adarsh gaurav/ Mehul Nath, Eeshan Sharma

Adarsh- Indian actor and singer, Mehul & Eshan co-founder of Bharat X


Nishant Chandra, Siddharth Maheshwari/ Ria Mirchandani

The duo is the founder of Newton school, Ria is the brain behind whatsapp payment in india.


Tasheen Rahimtoola/Jash Shah

Founder of taste retreat, Jash is the co-founder of Get-a-whey


Achyuth Jaigopal/AP dhillon

Achyuth Lead Guitarist, ‘WHEN CHAI MET TOAST’, AP Dhillon- The Punjabi music sensation.


Rahi Chadda/Karishma Shah

Rahi is the fashion influencer & supermodel who made his cannes debut this year, Karishma-Co-founder clinbiz


Elwinder Singh, Sandeep, Anil and Sarang

Mr Singh- co-founder of connect & heal, The trio is the co-founder of Donatekart


Raju Kendre/Pranay Sharma

Raju- Co-founder & ceo- Eklavya India, Pranay- Founder of Felicity Adobe


Lakshya Sen/ Vandana Ktariya

Both belong to sports backgrounds. Lakshya- badminton player, Vandana-Hockey Player


Nimisha Sajayan/Vidur gupta

Nimisha is an Indian actor, Vidur is the co-founder of third eye distillery


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