Top 3 teams to score 400 Runs in ODI

WRITTEN BY Sumit Kumar

One Day International

In one day matches, many teams have reached the Target score of 400, there are 3 teams who have rqached this milestone.

First team to score 400 runs

Australia was first team to score 400 runs in one day match on March 12, 2006 against South Africa in Johannesburg.


England has scored 400 runs 4 times in One day, for the first time against New Zealand in 2015.

England Team Records

Next against Pakistan, Australia and West Indies scored 400 runs.


India has made 400 runs 5 times in One day, the first one was made on 19 march 2007 in port of Spain against Bermuda.

India Team Records

Next twice against Sri Lanka and South Africa and west Indies.

South Africa

South Africa has score 6 times 400 runs in One day, first time in 2006 against Australia

South Africa Teams Records

South Africa has also scored against West Indies , Ireland, Zimbabwe and India.

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