From ‘Kingsway to Kartavya Path’ See History of Rajpath

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Kartavya Path Inauguration

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the redeveloped Central Vista Avenue. Rajpath will be renamed to Kartavya Path.

The Kingsway: Breaking the Colonial Past

Rajpath was first named The Kingsway, which was similar to Kingsway in London. Built in honour of George V, it was lined with canals, lawns, and rows of trees on both sides.


From Kingsway to Rajpath: Post Independence

Kingsway was renamed to Rajpath once India gained its independence. It was a translation of the word Kingsway.

Chosen Location for Republic Day Parade

Later it was chosen as the place where the Republic Day parade would be organised.

ABP News

Modifications of Rajpath

Additionally, more trees were planted, and the Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Marg, a new road, was built to enhance the Rajpath's north-south connectivity.

Deccan Hearald

Rajpath Revamped to Kartavya Path

PM Modi said, 'It symbolises a shift from erstwhile Rajpath being an icon of power to Kartavya Path being an example of public ownership and empowerment.'

The New Indian Express

New Features in Kartavya Path

The newly developed section contains 1.1 lakh square metres of red granite walkways, more than 133 light posts along Rajpath, 4,087 trees, 114 contemporary signs, and tiered gardens.

India Today

Netaji's India Gate Statue to be also Inaugurated today

For the statue, the Culture Ministry said, an 'intense artistic endeavour'. It is made from a monolithic block of granite weighing 280 MT.

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