Successful Rural Women Entrepreneurs In India

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Anita Devi: The Mushroom Lady Of Bihar

Anita Devi is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in India who made her success growing mushrooms.


Chetna Gala Sinmha

Chetna Gala Sinmha is a social activist and entrepreneur woman who has worked through time finding ways to empower women from the poorest areas of India, especially the rural ones.


Prema Gopalan: The Swayam Shikshan Prayog Woman

She decided to create SSP with the aim to form women to work, to do anything, arriving to learn how to lead in a workplace as in a community facing a lot of problems like food, energy etc.


Thinlas Chorol

Thinlas Choral is an activist and entrepreneur from Ladakh.


Navalben Dalsangbhai Chaudhary

Navalben Dalsangbhai Chaudhary is an entrepreneur whose business is based on milk. and dairy


Sobita Tamuli

Sobita Tamuli is a really young entrepreneur who has been able to create a big business in agriculture


Pabiben Rabari: The Hard Jari Woman

She invented the Hard Jari, a completely new and personal process of embroidery. the bags she used to create took the name of Pabi Bag.


Godavari Satpute

She founded Godavari Akashkandil, a company that uses those materials, in a way that recycles those elements to create unique paper lamps.


Anita Gupta

In 1993 Anita Gupta founded the Bhojpur Mahila Kala Kendra to help rural women entrepreneurs in India to have a better and higher education but also employment training.


Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad

This is one of the oldest Indian women’s worker cooperatives launched in 1959 by Jaswantiben Jamnadas Popat and others.

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