How Navy was built in India?

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Why Indian Navy Day is observed on 4 December?

It was decided to celebrate Indian Navy Day on December 4 in 1971 after the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani ships, including PNS Khaibar, as part of Operation Trident, killing Pakistani Navy personnel

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj-First Indian to Built Navy

Shivaji was the first Indian ruler to build the Navy in the modern era. It had unique warriors. Full discipline, vigilante detectives and loyalty in cops were the features of the military system.

Cholas- First Kingdom to Wage Naval Wars

First instances of naval wars are only found during the Cholas reign over southern India.

First King With A Naval Fleet

Rajendra carried on the empire's growth in the far East after Raja Raja Chola, who was the first ruler to have a naval fleet.

Shivaji Rebuilds India’s Dominance in the Seas

The Portuguese invasion in the 13th century caused India's maritime dominance to decline, but Shivaji's rule in the late 17th century saw it rise once again.

Vasco da Gama- Founder of Route Between Portugal and India

Vasco da Gama’s arrival began a new chapter in India's maritime history. The arrival of the Portuguese merchantmen disturbed the calm and peaceful scene of trade.

The Dutch→ The British→The French

The Dutch reached via seas in 1591. A ship came under command of Captain William Hawkins, arrived at Surat, marking the arrival of British. French established a naval force which protected their sea t

Maritime India Post Independence

On 22 April 1958, Vice Admiral R D Katari, become the 1st Indian Naval Officer to take over as the Chief of the Naval Staff of Indian Navy.