Garud Commandos: Lethal Force of Indian Airforce

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Republic Day parade

Garud Commando will be seen for the first time in the the Republic Day Parade 2023. Garud Commando is the special lethal force of the Indian Airforce. This force was created in February 2004.


Work of Garud Commandos

Their main work is air assault, air traffic control, close protection, search and rescue, anti-terrorist operations, direct action, security of airfields etc.

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Longest Training

Of all the commando forces in India, they have the longest training. They do training for 72 weeks.

Defence Direct Education

Skillfull in Operating many Weapons

These include the AK 47, the modern AK-103, the Sigsor, the Tavor assault rifle, the modern Negev LMG, and the Galilee sniper, which destroys the enemy up to one kilometer.

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Efficient in Eliminating Terrorism

new training is also being given to the Garud commandos of the Air Force for the elimination of terrorism and direct combat with the enemies on the border.


Training with Para commandos of the Indian Army

To make the Garud commandos combat-ready in every way, in the final phase of training, they are taught first-hand nuances with active units of Para commandos of the Indian Army


Expertise of Garud Commandos

Garuda commandos are expert in air and water strike at night. They are given separate training for air strikes.

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