Astonishing Miracles Performed by Lord Krishna

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Lifted Govardhan Hill

He lifted Govardhana hill with His finger when He was just 7 years old, that was 26 miles in perimeter to protect the people from rain.

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Saved People From Kaliya Nag

He danced on the head of Kaliya Nag and controlled his disturbances to the people.

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Saved Dignity of Draupadi

He made the saree of Draupati to grow unlimitedly when she was stripped in front of courtmen and acharyas.

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Covered Sun with his Sudarshan Chakra

He artificially brought the sunset to stop the war of Kurukshetra with his Sudarshan Chakra.


Entire Universe in his Mouth

Krishna showed the whole Universe in his mouth to His mother.


Reveals Virat Roop To Arjun

Krishna gave Arjuna a divine vision and showed His Visvarup Darshan with unlimited forms as the cosmic universe.


Drank Poisonous Milk

He drank the poisonous milk of Puthana demon and killed her even in his childhood and similar miracles with cart demon.

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Saved Uttara’s Baby in the Womb

Krishna saved King Parikshit when he was in Uttara’s womb.


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