Amazing Facts About Hindi Language You Didn't Know

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Hindi Diwas 2022

India’s Hindi-speaking regions celebrate Hindi Day annually on 14th September.

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History of Hindi Language

The roots of Hindi date back to the 2nd millennium BC making it one of the most prominent ancient languages in the world.

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Derivation of Word 'Hindi'

World ‘Hindi’ has been derived from the word ‘Hind’ which means Land of the river Indus. Also, the world Hind is a Persian word.

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Rank of Hindi in the World

Hindi ranks 3rd most spoken language in the World, after Mandarin and English.

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Easy to Learn Language

Each letter of the Hindi alphabet has its own independent and distinct sound.

English Borrowed Many Words from Hindi

English has borrowed a great number of words from Hindi like bungalow, dinghy, guru, jungle, khaki, karma, loot, mantra, nirvana, yoga etc.

First Published Hindi Book

Prem Sagur was the first published Hindi book written by Lallu Lal in 1805. The book is about Shri Krishna.

Who made the First Hindi Film?

The first Hindi film was made by Dadasaheb Phalke called as Raja Harishchandra was released in 1913.

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