How to become Space Scientist in ISRO 2022

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Who is a Space Scientist?

The study of natural occurrences and physical objects that occur in space is covered by the field of space science, which includes fields like astrobiology and space medicine.

Responsibilities of a Space Scientist

They are in charge of how things work in space, while astronomers research stars, planets, galaxies, and other objects. All roads lead to a career in space science, regardless of the area you select.

How To Become A Scientist In ISRO

Directly or by CRB exam, the candidates who have the proper knowledge and required skills pertaining to the fields of astronomy, physics, and mathematics are generally recruited by ISRO.

Step 1

The students need to have 3 subjects, compulsorily, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry during their 10+2 level of secondary level education.

Step 2

The students must pursue BTech or BE in courses such as Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc.

Step 3

A candidate must hold a BTech or BE degree in Computer Science, Electronics, or Mechanical or any other related field with a minimum aggregate of 65% marks or 6.8 CGPA on a scale of 10.

Step 4

Also, one can become a scientist in ISRO if they have completed their Masters (MSc, ME or MTech) and PhD in related specializations.

Step 5

Interested candidates can apply for a position as a junior research fellow at ISRO, which allows them to conduct research as scientists and engineers.

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