​How to Protect Yourself From Dengue Fever in 5 Steps?

WRITTEN BY Saumya Jaiswar news

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever

Intense headaches, Body aches, Joint pains, Loss of appetite, Nausea, Vomiting, Skin rashes and mucosal bleeding are common symptoms of Dengue virus.


Step 1- Protective Clothing

Wear long-sleeves and long pants to cover your arms and legs properly, especially during early morning and evenings.


Step 2- Use Mosquito Repellents

Apply mosquito repellent creams on your body when travelling to tropical areas and even when you are indoors.

The Hindu

Step 3- Reduce Mosquito Habitat

Dengue-breeding mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water that contains items like tyres, plastic covers, flower pots, pet water bowls, etc.

The Hindustan Times

Step 4- Keep Your House Airy and Clean

Mosquitoes frequently visit places that are moist and dark. Make sure your home or room is well-lit to deter mosquitoes from entering.


Step 5- Time Your Outings

Plan your visits seeing the weather and include every mosquito-repelling tool, from creams to netted sleeping bags and beyond.

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