Independence Day 2022: 5 Major Points from PM Modi's Speech

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India steps into its 76th year of independence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the next 25 years for the country will be the country’s ‘amrit kaal’. He highlighted 5 pledges to be adopted by Indians.


to aspire big and develop India. 2. erase all traces of servitude. 3. take pride in India’s legacy. 4.unity is strength. 5. fulfill one’s duties.

‘Viksit Bharat’

We must resolve to work towards a ‘viksit bharat’ (industrial India) and remove any vestiges of colonialism from any corner or in our hearts, said PM Modi.

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“We must push ahead with aatmanirbhar Bharat which is a social agenda rather than just a scheme of the government,” he said in his speech.

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Digital India

He highlighted power of digital and startups, also appreciated the technology of 5G and chip manufacturing in India.

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End corruption and dynastic politics

“Today the nation shows anger towards corruption, but not the corrupt. Until and unless people adopt the approach to penalise the corrupt the nation cannot progress at an optimum pace,” he said.

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