India’s Military strength in 2022

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How powerful is India

Out of the 142 nations taken into account for the annual GFP assessment, India is placed 4 for 2022. It has a 0.0979 PwrIndx* rating


Missile Strength of India

India is one of only a select few nations, along with the US, China, and Russia, that possess anti-satellite missiles.


Anti ballistic Missile

India is the fourth nation to successfully develop an anti-ballistic missile system, a weapon intended to detect and destroy ballistic missiles, following the United States, Russia, and Israel.


Most powerful jets of the world

India owns some of the most cutting-edge fighter aircraft in the world, including the SU-30 MKI, Mirage 2000, Dassault Rafale, Tejas, Mig, and others.


India’s Nuclear Capacity

The nation presently has 150–160 nuclear weapons that are operational. India has a no first use nuclear policy.


Indian Military strength 2022

Total Military personnel- 5132000, Active Personnel- 145000, Reserve- 155000, Paramilitary- 2527000



Total Aircraft strength- 2182, Fighters-564, Dedicated Attack-130, Tanker Fleet- 6, Helicopters- 805, Trainers-353, Attack helicopters- 37


Land Forces

Tanks- 4614, Armored Vehicles-12000, Self Propelled Artillery- 100, Towed Artillery- 3311, Rocket Projectors- 1338


Naval Forces

Frigate Ships 13, Destroyers- 10, Submarines- 17, Patrol vessels- 128, Corvette Vessel- 22, Total Assets-295

India’s defense budget

India has the third-largest defense expenditure in the world, behind the US and China, with an estimated 71 billion dollars.

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