Indian Companies that have started EV adoption in India

WRITTEN BY Tarun Kohli2022-09-22,11:42:30 news


Mahindra was the first company to adopt the ev concept in India. They did so by acquiring the leading EV manufacturer in India known as Reva electric. One of the first evs by mahindra was the eVerito.

Mahindra Electric

Tata Motors

Tata motors is the face of EVs growth in India. They have launched many evs like tata nexon ev, tata tigor ev, tata altroz ev etc.



In the world of electric scooters, Ola was the pioneer as they launched one of the first ev scooters, Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro.

Hero Electric

Hero Electric is one of the leading 2-wheelers company in India. The models include Photon x, Optima hx dual, Optima hx single, Nyx hx, Optima lx, Optima lx, Nyx lx, Flash lx and Atria lx.


Revolt motors

The first ever electric motor bike was launched by Revolt motors. Revolt offers two electric bike models which are Revolt RV300 and Revolt RV400.


The widest range of electric scooters are offered by Okinawa which is a gurugram based EV firm. The models include Okinawa PraisePro, Okinawa Okhi90, Okinawa iPraise+, Okinawa Dual etc.

Tork Motors

Tork motors offers one of the longest range motorcycle evs in India. Its biggest selling bike is Kratos.


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