Team XSpark Line-up for BGMI

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati

Team XSpark

Owned by sc0ut, Team XSpark consists of Mavi, sc0utOP, Gill and Ultron.

How Team XSpark Formed

After splitting from Team SouL, Mavi and sc0utOP brought together Gill and Ultron to play as Team XSpark.

The best IGL of Country

Mavi is one of the Best IGL in Indian circuits, considering the fact that he lead his team to #2 in PMWL Season 0: East.

The OG of the Game

scoutOP is one of the veterans of the game who have been dominating Global teams in events like PMWL, PEC etc.

The Silent Fragger

GiLL has excellent long range and DMR skills which led him to become the highest fragger amongst Indian players in PMWL Season 0: East.

The Assaulter

Ultron has excellent assaulting skills and his close range gun power is a force to be reckoned with.

Team XSpark Potential

The team consists of 3 members of the team OR which ended up #2 in PMWL Season 0: East including IGL himself.

Team XSpark Managed by 8Bit Creatives

Almost all the players of Team XSpark are managed by 8Bit Creatives Talent Management Agency.

Team XSpark Mavi & Scout in S8UL

Mavi and Scout are still content creators for S8UL organisation and esports athlete for Team XSpark.

Team XSpark Expectations

The huge fan base is expecting Team XSpark to step up fast and dominate the Indian circuits like they used to do in their old team OR.

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