Indian Heroes of Ukraine war; the one who took arm, the one who won hearts

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Sainikesh Ravichandran

Hailing from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Sainikesh was rejected twice by the Indian Army due to his short height. In 2018 he went to Ukraine to study an aerospace engineering course in Kharkiv.

Sainikesh Ravichandran

After the Russian invasion his family lost touch with him, Later He informed his family that he had joined the paramilitary forces of Ukraine to combat Russia.

Dr. Girikumar Patil

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has been one of the greatest examples of humanity. An Indian doctor who went to Ukraine 15 years ago refused coming back, leaving his pets behind. He is leaving in bunker.

Dr. Girikumar Patil

“I will never abandon my pets to save my life. Of course, my family is urging me to return. My pets are my children. I'll stay with them and protect them until my last breath’. He told TNIE

Hungary’s heroes

Tundse Foledesi, a Hungarian running Indian restaurant with husband Kulvinder Singh Jham, Indian embassy urged them to prepare food for students crossing the border hungry, injured & sick.

Hungary Heroes

Although it was a very big order, nearly impossible to do in such short notice but Mr. Jham proudly said “I am a Sikh, how could I refuse langar seva,

Hardeep Singh

A Haryana native, was no less than an angel to Indian and Pakistani students stranded in Ukraine. Not only he fed them but also successfully made them cross the Poland border.

Hardeep Singh

In a telephonic convo with TOI he mentioned giving up the choice to return India twice and instead stayed there serving for humanity.

Pakistani driver turns messiah

When thousands of Indians were stranded in a war hit Ukraine, founder of SOS India Nitesh Kumar decided to make them cross the border & called many operators to gather buses but he failed

Moazam Khan

A Pakistani citizen living in Ukraine volunteered to assist him with this task. Moazam has arranged for 2500 Indian students to go safely.

The real heroes

Yes, these are the real heroes, not the ones who are constantly blaming the GOI and shouting tantrums over the issues they face during their travel after arriving safely.

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