Indian Squad For PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

PMGC 2021

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 to be held from 21st January 2022 to 23rd January 2022.

GodLike Esports

GodLike Esports will be competing from the Indian side comprising : Jonathan, ZGod, Neyoo, ClutchGod, Ghatak & Saumraj.

“Jonathan” Jude Amaral

Jonathan plays the role of an assaulter and is currently the best BGIS player in the country.

Abhishek "ZGOD" Choudhary

ZGOD plays the supporter role and is one of the best supporters around the globe in PUBG Mobile scenario.

Suraj Nityanand "Neyoo" Majumdar

Neyoo is the entry fragger for the team and he recently proved himself by winning the MVP award in BGIS.

Vivek Aabhas "ClutchGod" Horo

ClutchGod is the IGL of this aggressive lineup. He’s also a top level assaulter on top of being the IGL.

Abhijeet Harishchandra "GHATAK" Andhare

Ghatak is the fifth player as well as coach for the team. He’s the person behind the aggressive lineup of GodLike.

Saumya "Saumraj" Raj

Saumraj will be playing as the sixth player and is currently on loan from SkyLightz Gaming. He’s the IGL of SG, who won BGIS 2021.

Ocean Sharma

Ocean Sharm played the role of analyst for SkyLightz Gaming and is going to play the same role for GodLike Esports in PMGC 2021.

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