Weekly Instagram Trend

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Celebrity On Trend

Dancer and Social media influencer Dhanashree Verma got on the Gangubai trend bringing her inner actress on reel.

Naagin Fever

Get on the upcoming Naagin season fever and try out this fun filter bringing your inner Naagin out.

Vibing with Lyrics

The Famous Song of Arijit Singh is also on the trend list.

Turn Your Heads

Still not on the fire viral reel trend of turning heads in selfie video? What are you waiting for Christmas?

The Virtual Kiss

And for the singes, get your virtual kiss with this hilarious kiss filter and get your goofy pants on.

Artistic Edit

Use this filter to amp up your story or reel and make it more artistic.

Learn the Trend

And this is how you can capture the transition video and share your side of the story.

Find Your Soulmate

Well here is something for the love detectives. Have your found out the location of your soulmate?

Old Melodies

Get on the reels and favorite love memories with this viral old song.

Fun with the BG

Background music of Reels is the soul of the video. Here is one more Viral song to try on.

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