How to Become a Translator- 7 Steps to Your Dream Job

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What Do Translators Do?

A translator’s job focuses on translating written text between languages. Usually, translators translate from a source language into their native language.


Step 1: Become an Expert in the Source Language

You must first choose a language and study it in depth. Knowing an uncommon language could make you stand out from the crowd. So choose wisely!

Step 2: Get specialized training

Many translation course are offered by Indian universities like Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Delhi University, JNU, University of Mumbai, Instituto Hispania and more.

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Step 3: Get certified

A certification in translation will show that you have the necessary skills. In India, the universities set up by foreign embassies conduct exams to test your ability in a particular language.


Step 4: Target a Particular Industry and Learn industry-specific terms

Terminology varies in different sectors and fields like government, medicine, business, hospitality etc uses different words as per their industry.

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Step 5: Up-to-date Computer Skills

Many translations need the use of particular software applications. This is done to speed up and improve the translation process.

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Step 6: Get some experience

Contract or freelance work is an easy way to get some experience to add to your resume.

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Learn More Languages

You could want to learn more languages that you can translate between in order to increase your marketability and broaden your scope of services.


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