Ji Chang Wook Diet and Workout Routine

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

The Heartthrob

From a hot fighter in K2 and Healer to an enchanted magician in The Sound of Magic, Ji Chang Woo is one of the hottest Korean Actors out there.

No Gym is the Secret

Ji Chang Wook worked hard to achieve that kind of body and level of fitness, but not in the gym.

Love Soccer

Wook got his chiselled body from playing soccer. In fact, one interesting fact about the actor is that he always wanted to be a professional soccer player, but he couldn't due to family pressure.

Cardio with Game

Aerobic exercise like playing can help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health. As a result, if you dislike working out on machines, this is a good option for cardio.

Big Fan

Instead He become an actor, but he never forgot his first love, playing football three to four times a week with FC Men, an all-star sub-unit of the South Korean football club Suwon Bluewings.

Martial Arts

For K2 he learned Martial Arts In fact, videos of his rigorous training have surfaced on the internet, and he has received widespread acclaim.

Stamina Training

He had to pay special attention to Stamina training for his role in K2 including Rope Jumping and Running.

The Real Action Hero

And it's to be noted that Ji Chang Wook performed his stunts without the assistance of a double, as other actors would. So K2, Healer or the other actions it was all done by the Real Wook.

Diet is Loaded

He has a not-so-strict and freaky attitude towards a so-called ‘perfect body.’ He does not adhere to any strict workout regimen and occasionally eats whatever he wants.

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