Kajal Aggarwal Skincare and Beauty Secrets

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Goes all natural

The actress is a firm believer in staying natural. Kajal re-vitalizes her skin and uses fruit-based moisturizers on a regular basis.

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Coconut-based products

The actress prefers to use coconut-based products because they keep her skin hydrated all day.

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Sunscreen and moisturiser

She always applies sunscreen and moisturiser to protect skin from sun and damage.

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She drinks a lot of water to keep her skin healthy and hydrated.

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Beauty tip

"Be skin smart and go natural," she told TOI when asked for a beauty tip.

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DIY Remedies

Aggarwal has stated that she enjoys using kitchen ingredients to care for her skin and hair. "I put stuff I eat on my face." she said in an interview.

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Food is the Key

Kajal believes that the key to fitness and beauty is a wholesome platter with a healthy and balanced diet. Her diet consists primarily of green vegetables and whole grains.

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