Kajol Devgn Antiaging Skincare Routine to look younger in late 40's

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Ageing and Stress

In a past interview Kajol shared that she does worry about ageing and skinc. For her, ageing has to do with energy, more than the lines on your face.

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Age is just a Number

Kajol believes that age is more than just wrinkles on your face. That somewhere along the line, age shows in people's eyes when they get tired or bored with what they're doing.

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Hydration first

Kajol is extremely conscious about drinking eight glasses of water to keep body hydrated and free from toxins.

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Sleep on Priority

She needs at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. She is one of those weird people who does not have a nightlife or a social life for that matter.

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Skincare Routine

It's not long; She doesn't have the patience or inclination for much else. It's basically cleans, tones, and moisturizes.

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Night Skincare Regime.

She washes her face every night, like religiously, and applies her cream before going to bed, so it's all of that.

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Protein Rich Palette

Kajol is protein freak and loves non-vegetarian food, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and fish.

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Exercise is Important

Kajal also workout and exercise to get the glow inside.

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