Kim Taehyung Korean Skincare Secret and Routine

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Most Handsome

Kim Taehyung, better known as V, is a member of the global K-Pop sensation BTS, as well as the most handsome person on the list.

Good Look, Good Looks and Good Looks

V is known for his #blessed good looks and flawless complexion, in addition to his fun personality and velvety voice.

Good Skincare

V wears layers of stage makeup on stage to make his skin look as flawless as possible, but offstage V is also working hard to keep his skin looking healthy, clear, and radiant.


South Korea is home to some of the world's most advanced and effective Korean skin care lines, so V has plenty of K-beauty options for skin care.

BTS V Favorite K-Beauty

His fav ? Zeroid. Zeroid is an abbreviation for Zero Steroid, referring to its use as an alternative to harsh steroid-based skin treatments. It is the most popular dermocosmetic in Korea.

What is Zeriod?

Zeroid's cornerstone, patented ingredient, Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, also known as MLE, promises irritation-free use.


It works by strengthening the skin's barrier, which keeps moisture in and bad stuff out.

Oily Pimple Prone Skin

V has acne-prone skin, so Pimprove is the best option for him. Zeroid Pimprove is based on the scientifically supported belief that oil-free skin care products cannot effectively combat acne.

Night Skincare Routine

V wash and tone his face followed by Face serum and hydrating and nourishing moisturiser. He then also moisturizes his lips with lip balm and ends his skincare by drinking enough water.

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