Pulling in Summer Fashion from South Korean

WRITTEN BY Divya Bhati news

Crochet Tops

Walking on sustainable and handmade fashion, Crochet Tops are literally ruling the fashion trends right now.

Cotton Dress

Light, comfort and speaking Summers aloud. Nothing can beat a cute cotton dress with beautiful floral embroidery details.

Linen Pants

Linen is said to be effective in protecting the skin from the strong sun and brings the fashion too.

Ruffled Dresses & Skirts

Ruffles are not going away anytime soon. And this season too they will be leading the Summer fashion game.

Baggy Denim Shorts

Oversized or loose outfits are pure love. baggy denim shorts (especially high-waisted) will bring fashion and comfort together.

Loose Dresses

Make you look stylish, fresh and not exposing much skin. Protecting directly from sunlight.

Boxy T-Shirts

Still can’t come out from the comfort of being locked in home after pandemics. Best thing? Well lounging in our loose oversized tees. So a good old boxy t-shirt is in fashion.

Buttoned Blouses

More ‘polished’ and inclined to formal pieces. Buttoned Blouses including Shirts will also keep you fresh and fashionable this summer.

Chunky Sandals

Korean summer fashion staples recycled from the 2000s are Chunky Sandals. Let the foot also do the fashion.

Headbands & Caps

Perfect accessory to complete your look and to protect you from sunlight.

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