Decoding Messi’s Tattoo and hidden meaning post FIFA 2022 win

WRITTEN BY Aditi Shrivastava2022-12-19,10:22:06 news

The Lotus flower

The tattoo signifies following your dream and living your life to the fullest, Messis’s lotus flower is the reminder of his journey from early life to becoming G.O.A.T

The crown tattoo

Leo and his wife Antonella both have identical crown tattoos on the inner portions of their right arms. These stand for their enduring affection for one another.

His wife’s eye

You might have noticed an eye tattoo on Messi’s arm, it is said that it’s his wife Antonella’s eye which he got inked on his forearms.

The very first tattoo

The very first tattoo that the legendary soccer player Messi got inked was in memories of his mother. He got one on his back.


His second tattoo, which was done in late 2012, was obviously done to celebrate the birth of his son Thiago.

The religious one

Another tattoo on Lionel Messi's right tricep indicates that he is a devout believer. On his triceps, he bears a tattoo of Jesus Christ.

Giant clock

Above all things, he cherishes time and the people he spends it with. The giant clock tattoo is the reminder of the same thing.


Antonella, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro's birthdates are written at the bottom of his right leg.

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